Leaves Are Falling

As I watched the leaves fall from our breakfast room window, I realized how easy it is to have the thoughts of a grown up; I don't want these thoughts. I could look at the leaves and think of how much of a mess they create: they are in the landscaping, under the fence, pooling on the walk. Instead I would like to see them as little drops of color wonderment, the down for a huge leaf bed to jump in. I look at Emma's paints and so often see a mess, a clothing disaster waiting to happen as she gets herself wet with paint water and makes her art work sopping wet. Instead I would like to see her paints as an opportunity to teach her her colors, to show her how paper absorbs water, unlike the floor, and to pass on the creativity that my Mom managed to force into me. So many events in our lives are awful, horrific events. Some events in my life are ones I wish to forget and dread the thought that Emma could ever go through something like that. And yet, I try to find my inner child when dealing with every day situations. When Emma is running around the house being silly, I can tell her to calm down as she might break something, or I can get on the floor and be silly with her. I believe something that my old friend Jackie Brady told me when I was lifeguarding, "life is based 10% on circumstances and 90% on your attitude." And how true is that? I am a Child of God and with knowing that in my heart, I can walk confidently through life with my head held high. Why should I be discouraged? Why should the shadows come? Jesus is my portion and I know He watches over me. Can I get an Amen?