Our Autumn Door

I thought I would post a pic of our fall decorations but this picture does not do it justice. I suck at taking pictures. Anywho, behind the giant mum in the front is an arrangement of gourds followed by other mums up top. I love it. Mum is my Birthday flower as you know and since my birthday is coming up, now you know what to get me. I am writing this before I head off to work; mom took Emma so I am baby free. She is even going to watch her tonight which means Nicholas and I are off to a date night in the sun. I don't know what that means, just go with me. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was alone with that man. Strange huh, its as if we have been taken into a hostage situation by Emma and no one is allowed to escape until she has tired of eating grapes sliced in half and whole milk out of her cup. Anyway, hope you all are having good Fridays...hang in there the weekend is almost here.
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