1st November Blog

In my desperate attempts to get to know this whole Blogger website program, I have learned how to add a new background, yeah! Now I don't have the same background as everyone and their brother as there are only about 3 to choose from. How boring. So I hope you like this one and hopefully I will stay on top of things enough to change it when Thanksgiving is over.

I know that everyone is in love with Thanksgiving and everything but personally it has never been my favorite. Probably because I have always spent my holidays being shuffled around from one family to another and now that I am married I am always running from my family to his. Well not this year. I am enjoying Thanksgiving. Ha, ha, ha! There will be lounge pants, and games, and movies after dinner and lots of laughing I presume.

As much as I love November (Christmas preparations, leaves falling, my Birthday) I also hate November (Christmas preparations, leaves falling, my Birthday). Christmas preparations are always fun but I somehow always seem to concoct these outrageous plans throughout the year and then when the time is upon us it either doesn't look like what was in my head or it turns out that to turn my thoughts into reality would be a huge stretch of the budget. Last year I wanted to make these trees out of cranberrys for a centerpiece. Except that a large amount of cranberrys turns out to be quite expensive and it required a ton of pushpins with a white head. However no one sells white push pins except for a florist, who was happy to sell me some, but at the cost of $12.00 for a small box. Next idea please.

Leaves falling: Nicholas and I seem to have differing perspectives regarding leaf pickup. When I was growing up as many of you know, my parents live in a rural area and leaf pickup consisted of raking what you could and having to burn it. I always hated how things just looked to dirty when all of those leaves were on the ground. So I always wanted to have a house where there were no leaves anywhere when they were picked up. Nick on the other hand is content with letting them sit until "they are all off the trees" which I think would take until Christmas which at that time the impending snowfall would be a burden to leaf raking efforts. So to conquer this difference of ours this is what I did and maybe you other wives can follow suit: Living in the city our "yard" consists primarily of landscaping. And I hate when leaves are in the landscaping. So I took Emma out and I raked all of the leaves out of a large portion of the landscaping. This in turn ended in huge piles of leaves in the actual lawn part of our yard. So Nick then raked them to the curb for leaf pickup. I think this system worked nicely for us. It would be a good one to continue except for the fact that I am zooming into my 9th month of pregnancy like a cow trying to run a marathon.

My Birthday: oh how I love Birthdays. They are just so fun and make you feel like such a little kid. I love the surprise of getting cards in the mail and presents when you least expect them. My time of the year for Birthdays kind of sucks though as it is close to Christmas so we are always saving for Christmas. This year though we are going to Brown County for my Birthday present so that should be wonderful. Birthdays are always so depressing though. Each year I have this time when I look back at my 26 years and realize I have done nothing significant. Will anyone remember me when I am gone? I also look to the future and realize how fast the years go by and feel so sad that it feels there is hardly any time left. The kids will be in school, then out, then gone, and then we are just kind of waiting for the end. I just want to make sure I treasure all of the small moments in my heart.