Don't Forget Your Wedding Shoes

I thought I would post this for those of you who are like me and were told this when they bought their shoes and then completely forgot. If you purchased the shoes you were married in at David's Bridal and never had them dyed you can have them dyed for free! We were married four years ago and I just ran across my shoes in my closet. (Above are the shoes I chose, cute, right?) I was never going to wear these shoes again in the condition they were in, especially since the toes were stained pretty badly by the sand in Hawaii. So I had them dyed black and they are so cute! Now I will be able to wear them out on the town or to a wedding or something. Just wanted to remind everyone who bought shoes at David's. You bought 'em, might as well use them, right? The only problem is if it has been a little while since you got married (read four years) it may take a little prodding at the store to get them dyed. However, they are the only one who sells their brand of shoe and most of their shoes have not been discontinued (unless you got some butt ugly shoes or something). So go ahead woman and get those shoes dyed!