Ipod Incapable

Nicholas and I were watching television the other night when yet another commercial for an Ipod dock/vacuum cleaner/life companion appeared. I asked what the appeal of the Ipod is because I just don't get it. Nicholas explained that it was like when you had a walkman. I sheepishly admitted that I never had a walkman, cassette or CD. Nicholas was amazed at this new news...maybe he thinks I am always on the brink of fads and things, but I never had a walkman of any sort. Nicholas told me he thinks that this has made me incapable of understanding Ipods. I just won't get it. Because I really don't get it. Sure, I love music. I love listening to Christmas music at home, and in the car, but I don't think that I need a perpetual soundtrack going on in the background of my everyday events. Maybe I am weird.