All because two people fell in love

Around Valentine's Day I tend to get mushy gushy and think about all of the wonderful times Nicholas and I had dating, how deeply I fell in love with him and how madly in love I am with him still. The picture above is of the gazebo where Nicholas proposed to me. It was one of our spots in college. Behind it is a little hill that leads down to a grassy field. We would go out there sometimes on nights and spend hours talking and lauging hysterically over nothing. Those nights are the nights I knew I would never be able to survive this world unless I was this man's wife. Nick brought me back to the gazebo one night in late November after we had gone out to eat. It was about 10:30 and the first snowfall of the year had just begun. It was so cold and wet he practically had to pry me out of the car to "take a walk" as he put it. And then he got down on one knee in the gazebo and asked me to be his wife. What a wonderful memory! I am so happy I said yes and so thankful he asked me in the first place. For those of you who know Nick you know that he somehow always seems to make everything hilarious; on the way home he told me that his friends had asked him what he was going to do if I said no. What was his response: "I'll punch her in the face and leave." Still makes me giggle. I love him so much!