Snowman PJ's

I may find that this is going to come back and bite me but I thought I would post a picture of myself in my snowman pajama's so you can all get a laugh. No laughing outloud if you're at work or are involved in sometype of hostage situation (besides work). My Aunt Jan gave me these PJ's when I was a freshman in college and everytime I wear them Nick makes fun of me. They must be a "no sex tonight" beacon or something. Or maybe you just don't want to get it on with someone wearing purple pajamas made out of long underwear material with snowmen printed on them. Regardless, I love them as they are the most comfortable things own. That and it gets so wicked cold around here that you need something warm you can depend on. So these are my snowman pj's...have yourselves a good laugh at my expense. Oh yes and that is Roscoe in the picture...I know she's small and can often be confused with the dust balls in our home!