Coloring the Eggs

Sunday my parents and sister came over for some good old fashioned easter egg coloring. We had so much fun. Emma loved coloring the eggs, especially the part where you put the eggs in the color, or should I say where you plop them into the color and then laugh at the water splattering. I boiled two dozen eggs and I think we may have just over a dozen now...who knew the child had man hands when it comes to eggs? I think this picture is a good example of what I am talking about:

Calvin basically had this bored, "what in the world is with you people?" expression on his face when he wasn't sleeping. I couldn't help but look forward to the Easters when they both will be splashing Easter water everywhere.

Here is Emma using the metal egg holder thingy. I was surprised at how well she did...well how well she tried I guess you could say. She would get the egg on the metal thingy and then it would take a nose dive off. Oh well!

I shouldn't end this without a frugal tip. When doing your grocery shopping after Easter be sure to keep your eye out for the Easter Clearance. That would be a great opportunity to buy your egg dyes and things for next year. They are normally about $4.00 and on 90% off last year I got the dyes we used this year for only about .40. Can't beat that, can you? Plus then you don't have to try to remember to go buy them and accept what they have left if you buy late and don't have what you want; You'll already have them waiting at home for you!