Did You Have a Hoppy Easter?

The official Witwer Family Easter picture...that's right, they are in matching outfits!
Emma unpacking Easter baskets
OOOH...found an egg!
Mommy and the boy...doesn't he look so "toughguy" in this picture?
Laughing! I love it!

I know that we did and it is still continuing! I guess that we are just going to Jesus celebrate rising from the dead all year long...but that's the way it should be right? Easter was celebrated by going to my parents' church and then out to eat at Bonefish Grill...yummy! Then we went back to my Grandma Jean's house for an Easter Egg hunt and Emma (and Calvin) opened all of their baskets. It was so much fun! This Saturday we are going to Nick's Mom and Dad's house for their Easter, which I am super excited about! I am planning on making a cherry crumble from cherry's picked from our very own back yard! I will have to let you know how it is. It will be so great to see everyone and the kids love, love, love Auntie Bean and Uncle Mark. Plus we keep forgetting to give Emma her easter basket from us. I know, I know, how bad would it suck to get your Easter basket two days late, but thats the way the cards fall I guess when you have us as parents. So how was everyone else's Easter? Awesome? When I was at work on Friday before Easter, I noticed how pathetic our world is, even us Christians (at least me). Someone told me to have a Good Easter and I found myself surprised that they said Easter. Isn't that sad? Hardly anyone gets Good Friday off even though that's the day Christ died for us. DIED people. And when I was looking around at church I noticed how sad it was too. What happened to the days everyone wore new gloves, shoes, and hats because it was Easter and Easter is such a big deal? Everyone looked the same. Again...Jesus ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!!!! Let that sink in! Okay, I am done venting. I just think it is so sad Christmas and Easter are being swept under the rug. I think we as Christians should put up some type of fight.