Easter Egg Hunt

Today was our neighborhood's Easter Egg hunt. We took Emma and Calvin out early this morning to hunt down some eggs. Emma was very cold and still sleepy and not in a very good mood. There was this look on her face when she was not out and out crying:

On the verge of tears. Then she decided that it would be cool to start hunting for eggs before everyone else...not so cool, but instead of hunting for them she enjoyed picking them up with her mitten hands and then tossing them to rearrange them...alright I decided, we'll let that pass. Once the hunt did start though, she was a machine, sometimes picking two up at a time. We then went back home and warmed up. We had had so much more planned for today including watching the river being dyed green and craft time at Michael's. But with how chilly it turned and how Emma liked to cry so much we decided to just stay home. We did however get to the library and I made it to the Superette for some ingredients for Chicken Parmesan. Yummy! That's all for now; tomorrow is dying egg day so I will post pics of that!