Yes They Match because I'm a Dork

Seeing as how Easter has come and gone now, I thought I would talk only briefly on the kids' outfits. They too are frugal finds...yeah me! Their matching outfits came from Pottery 'ya didn't know they sold clothes did ya? Ha! They were actually winter outfits that were on clearance but seeing as how it is always so stinking cold here until May I figured wool would work out just fine. And lo and behold I was right! Calvin's pants were $14.99 and Emma's dress was $24.99. I know the pants are kind of pricey...that's about my max amount I would pay for pants for myself, but I was dead set on matching outfits and figured I would be hard pressed to find matching anything for that price. So I ordered my little heart out and joyously clicked checkout when I realized I also got free shipping! Calvin's sweater and hat combo I already had; I purchased that set from a consignment shop when he was still in the womb, and that started the cable knit craze! Emma's sweater I got at the Burlington Coat Factory for only $9.99...a lesson to look high and low as they didn't have it in her size but I was so desperate I tried on the 6-9 month sweater on her and sure enough, it fit...weird! Emma's shoes I believe were $5.00 and they also match her Birthday outfit so we will get lots of uses out of those. I am trying to not go nuts in spending when clothing these children. Its hard having cute kids...they should look cute all of the time if they are cute, right?
Speaking of dressing kids cute, I wanted to share a site with you I found. Its Gaga's and it looks amazing!!!! For around $14.99 an outfit you can rent a dress or outfit and keep it for about three weeks! Then you return it to them and they clean and sanatize it for you! For fifteen bucks you'd be hard pressed to find an outfit for an occasion, especially of the quality that they have. Plus you can get matching outfits for the kids. I always swore I wouldn't do this because my mom always had my two sisters and I dressed alike and its not cool when you are fourteen by the way. So I figured since I've had a change of heart I might as well do it now before they begin complaining. Anyway, I am planning on doing this for Christmas time or Calvin's dedication so I will let you know how it works whenever I use the site.