Dell Should Give Me Royalties...or something!

Whenever I see a Dell commercial I think I should be getting some type of compensation from them! Errr! My senior year of college, one of the MANY exit projects I had to do was an analysis of a top company and make recommendations. Believe it or not but this two-hour presentation was one of the easier ones considering I had to give an investment portfolio restructuring recommendation to the CFO of one of the State's largest hospitals...yikes! (Now your silly exit papers don't look so hard, do they college kids?) Anywho, this was back in the day when, if you wanted a Dell computer you called Dell or went to their website. One of the recommendations was to make Dell computers available in stores. And are they available in stores now? Why yes they are! Another recommendation? Have a Dell representative there for a more personalized buying experience. And do they have Dell reps? Why yes they do. Here's another one: Dell should start making printers as that was the only thing they were outsourcing in their bundles. And do they make printers now? Of course because I'm a genius! Normally I would think that Dell is just clairvoyant and somehow knew the ideas, except our professor mailed them the project including a tape of the presentation. Do you think they thought "geesh, these people are geniuses?" I have this idea that maybe some grunt in the mailroom at Dell stumbled upon the package, opened it and decided to make the ideas his own. He probably changed the names on the presentation and walked up to the ivory tower with all of these ideas. Maybe he is some bigwig now. But I am sure it didn't happen like that. I am just sure they came up with those ideas all by themselves...right!