Memorial Day Weekend

Oh my goodness, may I just start out saying how much I love our little family and all of the time that we get to spend together. We had such a fabulous long weekend together. Saturday Jaime and I hit the Old2Gold sale at Notre Dame which was incredible! We arrived at 6:10, the gates opened at 7 and we were wrapped around so we were standing on the other side of the stadium. I had such a great time with her, she got a bike, I got clothes, and I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know how long.


When I got home we started planting. We got all of our plants in the ground and also got some seeds planted. I don't have high hopes for the seeds, but Emma loved planting them. Maybe she will finish her dinner if she knows where it all came, yeah right, that's a long stretch!


That night I was singing and bouncing Cal around and he started laughing. Not just laughing but belly laughing...the cutest noise in all the land. Nick and I were just in awe! He has such a low cute voice too and he was just having the time of his I love that kid!


The only truly awful part about the weekend was that I got hit with a massive cold...the same cold that Nicholas has been battling and is continuing to battle (on a sidenote, Nick is one of those weird wussy people that is always sick...for like months on end with the same cold. I guess it isn't weird as he doesn't take anything to get better, no medicine, no vitamins, just a lot of whining...just teasing about the whining...kind of). Anyway because of the illnesses inflicted upon us we skipped church Sunday but then headed out to the park. If my mom were reading this she would say if we were well enough to go to the park we were well enough to go to church...kind of but it is a lot easier to blow your nose in the park than it is in the church sanctuary. The pictures above are of the park and right as we were leaving for the park and oh my gosh how I love that picture of her. She was all dressed for tennis, which we tried but she was much too involved in the new contraption, the tire swing, to care...maybe next time.

After the park I decided it was just too beautiful out to spend the day cooped up, so we went home for clothes and diaper changes and then headed to Fernwood Botanical Gardens...what a perfect day. Emma had a blast and we all had a blast just hanging out and being together in God's beauty.

Monday we did a whole lot of nothing which was spectacular! Monday evening we had a cookout at my Gram's. Had to post this pic of Cal and Maime in the know you love me! By the way I wish mine would sometime act like a UB but the element of caring is just gone...insiders on the inside know...ha! So that's my weekend in a nutshell "help I'm a weekend stuck in here in this shell" was yours?