Homemade Christmas Gifts

Its official, there is only 4 months until Christmas…put your panicked face on now. I like to make homemade Christmas gifts for everyone as a) it is cheaper than shopping, b) it doesn’t involve me trying to race around wondering if I bought enough or if Uncle Henry really needs a sock warmer for Christmas, and c) it teaches my Children that Christmas isn’t about how much stuff people buy you. And so I have been casually rifling through magazines and books, trying to find something fun and not overly complicated to make for everyone. Does anyone have any fabulous ideas they would like to share with me? Last year I made everyone a set of 10 note cards and while that sounds fun and fine, I made over 100 of those stupid cards, and everyone was just kind of half-heartedly saying “oh thanks”. I wanted gushing but for pete’ sake they were only note cards…they weren’t fashioned out of gold or anything. So now I am trying to figure out what the heck to make. Does anyone have any suggestions? Because if you want doilies I am going to have to learn that skill starting, well NOW.