Our Weekend of Love

This past weekend was just heavenly. We dropped the kids off at Nick's mom's house early Saturday morning and took off for Brown County. We had a nice drive until we got pulled over and ticketed for Nick driving 17 over! Ouch that is going to hurt! We continued on our way, albeit a little slower and arrived in Indy to do some shopping at some of our favorite stores. After that we headed down to Brown County where we stopped at a couple of winery's, shopped, and dined together. Boy how Nicholas can make me laugh. I forgot how funny he truly is, especially when he is trying to make me laugh. Oh boy that is one of the reason's I fell in love with him. After Brown County we went to our hotel, the Hotel Indigo. This is the way hotels are supposed to be. It was modern yet very inviting. They have an adorable puppy named Miles that greets you. I just fell in love with all of the details they spared no expense with...the huge array of umbrellas at the door for your use, the fish you could take up to your room if you were lonely, the alive garden in the cafe, the soft music playing in your room when you enter, the brand new pod coffee maker, the Aveda products, the earth friendly efforts. All of it was just amazing. I felt pampered and appreciated. Nick and I changed into our suits and explored the hot tub before getting ready for our big dinner out at Smith's Row. We split the Ribeye for two, which was in fact in the shape of a heart in case you were wondering. We teased one another, we talked, we reminisced, we fell more in love than we ever have been. One thing I realized this weekend was that this guy really does love me. He doesn't want me to change, he loves me just the way I am and that is such a comforting feeling. I am still trying to change but he loves me even if I don't. After dinner we went to bed and it was so nice to fall asleep in those arms and know there wasn't an alarm set for miles around. Do you know how late I slept? Guess! 7:15. Isn't that pathetic? My big getting away to get some sleep landed me in a comfy bed waking up before 8 am! Geesh am I getting old. It was nice to lay in bed and watch television though. Sunday we stopped and went outlet mall shopping, as well as going to Trader Joes and Homegoods. For lunch we decided to drive up to the old suburb we used to live in and pay our past a visit by eating at a Mexican restaurant we used to be regulars at. It was kind of surreal being there again. After that we were home bound. You know usually I want to stay on vacation because it is so much fun and I just don't want to go home, but not this time. This time I wanted to get home...I love our life, I love our children, and I love, love, love my husband. I consider myself so freaking lucky to have him in my life. He is so handsome, so funny, so tender, so sweet, so everything I never thought I would find. Now here I am, 5 years into a marriage with him and I am still pinching myself, feeling this is too good to be true. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's as well and were able to fall in love with your mate in the same way that I was. Nicholas is the biggest way God shows his love for me. Without him I would be lonely but I also wouldn't have these perfect children.

Here's what our bed looked like

Here's our hotel room

At a wine and chocolate get together...so grown up of us!

Taking goofy pictures while shopping...I love that man