Last night I was on my way home from the gym and had a very insightful convo with God. We are all looking for our purpose in life, wondering what else is out there for us. Last night God reaffirmed for me that I am here for my be Nick's help mate and to raise these children for the Lord. I know that is kind of obvious, duh! But I think that my family is here as my purpose in life not just to tag along with me for the ride. For those of us that feel that our families are our purpose in life I think it sometimes becomes very easy to lose sight of that purpose. After all our family is part of our everyday life and sometimes it just begins to seem mundane. We must remember to keep fosuced though and to persevere through. For me, thinking that these three sillys are why I am here helps. And knowing my purpose in life is to make their lives better makes doing the laundry a little easier.