Here we are right before Mother's Day Brunch!

Me and my babies
For Mother's Day Nick took me out of town. I must say I become a different person when I am out of town...I am on my game. I am funny, kind, lighthearted, witty, oh so witty! I discover that I really am too blessed to be stressed. Yippee! I do funny things like walk through mud puddles, get icecream on my nose on purpose, and roll down hills. I think vacations are what we need to take a step back and look at our life through someone else's eyes...I think the someone else would see how lucky I am. How much fun we all have together, how carefree the four of us are when we are together. Here are some pics we took on our vacation...

Emma stepping on the water in her cute suit

Daddy and Calvin swimming

This is how Emma and I shop...she plays & I drink

Run Forest, run! Sorry had to interject that one! :)