Happy Halloween!

I kind of lost control of the crowd...
Here we are...aren't we so cute?

I hope everyone had a great time on this All Hallow's Eve. We had a nice time. Yesterday though the children both came down with something. Calvin was running about 102 fever with Motrin and Emma was just sick but with no fever. Seriously Calvin was looking about near death yesterday and I was starting to get scared. We laid hands on him and prayed, prayed, prayed. Within an hour his temperature was below 100 and he was up playing. Before we prayed he wasn't even opening his eyes...see? That's what prayer can do. Praise God!

Today we were still under the weather but by Trick or Treat time our fevers were gone and we had perked up a bit. So we went out for a bit of trick or treating. Last weekend we went to a zoo Halloween event in our area so we have had enough trick or treating to last us a while. I've posted a couple of pictures. Hope you had a great time too