Christmas Recap Part 1

So I'm about a gazillion days behind in posting my Christmas sorry. I've been relishing the times of snuggling with our little blessings and just letting the world pass by outside. But unfortunately it is back to the grind of daily life and that means that we are up and at em. Emma started preschool yesterday, Nick's back to work full swing, and I'm trying to get ready for a little boys birthday party! I can't believe my little baby is going to be three years old...wowwie! Well I'm going to post photos in the order of which they occured. I have no idea how many Christmas Recap Parts we'll have....hmmmm :)

Here we go:

This is Emma the first time in hot rollers. She likes to look at me like "are you serious with this?" and I guess she was right. After 45 minutes of doing over her like a pagaent mom her hair looked EXACTLY as it always does. I was doing her hair for her Christmas concert which if you can even fathom I have NO pictures of!!! I'm crushed...I took oodles but a) this one mom stood in front of Emma almost the entire time and b) our camera was being all wonky and I couldn't get a photo to save my life...too dark, too blurry, etc. The bean hopefully got some good ones for me :)
Here we are at the Concert praying...isn't this boy just so adorable? I kept my man-hand in there so you could see his little precious. See? I did get SOME pictures at the concert, just not of the concert :/ Anyway, this picture is cute but especially cute when you look at the next one...

He had this look as if to say "really mom? Really? You're taking pictures during PRAYER? Real classy...." I love his facial expressions. He's really getting those Daddy/Jim Halpert looks down :)

The last photos of the day is a glimpse into our every day. During the mornings in December this is what you would see in our house...wake up, come downstairs, throw on a Santa hat (sometimes antlers!) and watch a little boob-tube! I love it!
Well those are the pictures for today! Hope you enjoyed them. The children are growing so fast and I count it such a joy to be here experiencing it. Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am hoping to catch up with two wonderful ladies after they shop for tile :) Happy Tuesday!!!