Please Pray for Nick

I posted a little before about this in my previous post. This past weekend Nick had some weird foot thing occur. First he thought it was a blister, then maybe Athlete's foot (I know, totally gross), then he thought it was an infected splinter. By the end of the weekend his foot had swollen and he could barely get a shoe on or walk.

Monday he went to a doctor who diagnosed him with a Staff Infection and was started on some antibiotics. Tuesday the infection was climbing up his calf and it was swollen and red. The doctor started another kind of antibiotics with the hope that two strong antibiotics together would stop it. This morning Nick woke up and its traveled up his thigh.

So I took him to the Emergency room where they basically looked at it and immediately admitted him to the hospital. Not good.

Tonight he is still there and it looks like he is looking at a 2 night stay. They have him on an IV of antibiotics and they've taken cultures and ultrasounds in which we are still waiting on the results.

Please pray for a speedy recovery. I know it is just an infection but truthfully I am terrified this is one of those things in which he never comes home or something insane like that. So please, please pray. My brain has just been mush today; I am just not myself without my other half. I truly do feel as though I am missing part of myself. The kids are a wreck. They sobbed when I put them in bed tonight because they missed their Daddy. That was really, really hard to deal with.

I guess specifically pray for Nick's healing, for me to have a calm spirit that I may get done what needs to be done and be good with the children, and please pray for the kids that their little hearts will not be troubled with this. Especially Emma as she worries so about things.

I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and really with just small things, such as tomorrow is my bill paying day and quite frankly my little heart just isn't into doing day by day things. My awesome in-laws are also carrying me through this. Nick's mom had the kids all day today so I could be with Nick and her and the ladies in their family rescheduled plans so she can take the kids tomorrow. Nick's sister is also coming up tomorrow too. She always can get under my layers so I'll probably start crying when I see her.

I'm very glad I get to be with Nick tomorrow because the nurse's are driving me crazy! Nick was taken up to his room from the E.R. at about noon. The nurse wouldn't order him lunch. I went out two times for food and then items for him and when I came back it was 4:30 and no one had done anything for him. Why does he need to be in the hospital if noone is going to do anything? Ugh. So I was the witchy wife down at the Nurse's station demanding that they page the doctor. Something tells me that I am going to have to be witchy tomorrow and I don't care...I want my husband at home sooner rather than later. Hospitals drive me insane because the lack of initiative or care that these people exert. I know there's a huge complicated background and series of events that happen behind the scenes, but for me it is just maddening.

I guess I can't be too much of a witch though as today I was getting "don't I know you from somewhere?" Oh! You're a writer! Nick was laughing at me "look at my local celebrity of a wife". I don't know about that but I guess I shouldn't raise too much of a stink in the hospital...people know where to find me. I'll have another incident of someone going on and on about my business. Yoink.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. I just have no one to talk to at midnight so blogging is the next best thing, I guess. Thank you for your prayers. The good news is that other than an owie foot, Nick's not in any pain. What a mighty God we serve!
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