A Peek inside Emma's Room

Don't you just love little girl's rooms?  I know I do.  They always seem to be kind of magical.  There are so many things to see and do that it is always fun for me to just linger and check everything out. 
Now that Emma is getting older (how and when did this girl get to be 6?  I have no recollection of this!!!) I love going in and just seeing how she's rearranged stuff.  She's gaining her own sense of organization and of doing things.  So here's a little peek at her room: 
Emma and Calvin playing with Calico Critters.  Do your little ones play with these guys?  We love them so much but geez a lou are they pricey.  Salty.  Minty.  Moving on. 
Love that the Calico Critter house has lights that turn on!
This is the Calico Critter's kitchen
And their living room...
And dressing room and bedroom.  Oh, la, la.
I love seeing a highchair ready to feed a baby a cupcake and neon worm.  Yum, yum.  And who doesn't love feather boas in the background? 
Emma's nightstand is always a smattering of hodgepodge fun.  Today we see Ariel's shoes and a pencil...too cute!
She also keeps her baseball trophy on her nightstand.  Our girlie is super proud of this and we are super proud of her. :)
Here's a shot of her vanity...stick on earrings tucked behind a bottle. 
Here I am taking a picture...hi!  Love how she's hung a necklace :)
If you ever wonder if Emma has enough shoes the answer is a rosounding ...YES!  We have so many shoes!  I am somewhat of a shoe fanatic! 
Here's her toybox...someone needs to clean!  Good thing it's a three day weekend!
I love making bows which means Emma has WAY too many bows.  Well, according to my husband she has too many bows.  According to me, she doesn't have enough!  Here are just a few of her corker bows and the such.  There are many, many more!
Emma's fishing trophy and a picture of her fishing...love <3 p="p">
Love this Norman Rockwell picture...it looks just like my Emma (you can click to enlarge)
And finally we have her picture/paper/whatever holder that her cousins gave her.  We stick odds and ends in there that we like to see...thank  you notes, chuck e. cheese photos, sport shots, first trips to the dentist papers and the like. 

So there's a little taste of our home.  Hope you got your girl fix if you're an all boy family!  She has so much more stuff (dress up clothes anyone?) but that's all we have time for today...we have to go clean out a toy box now :).

Happy Labor Day!