Happy Birthday Baby Bear

Today our youngest, Calvin, turns 5 years old!

I cannot believe he is 5!

I love this picture.  Is there anything cuter than a little one in mouse ears?  I don't think so friends...

This little one has been our biggest challenge.  From not talking to Autism, we have been over whelmed and over joyed with all God has given us.

I call Cal our a-word kid.  No I don't think he's an a**!  But see what I mean?


That's been the progression of his diagnosis.

And one day, in 8 years we will deal with the big A...


Oh goodness!

For now I think I'll enjoy our five year old, who still insists I call him baby bear, loves to snuggle, build, imagine, and can do a mean grover impression.

Happy Birthday Baby Bear!  I am so utterly blessed to be your Momma.  You take my breath away...