Ice Skating

The kiddos got to go ice skating.  Emma loves going ice skating but I am horrible at it!  HORRIBLE!!!  Horrible I don't think even captures how truly bad I am at skating.  And Nick can't skate well either, but was a trooper and went with the kiddos.  Thankfully Nick's mom, Grandma Peggy, likes to go skating with the kids, so she agreed to go too.  

 Here's our gang out on the ice...Nick's mom in the blue hat, Emma, Cal, and Nick.  Cal isn't very good with balance so ice skating is a definite challenge for him.  Emma isn't the best skater in the world but she has been in hockey, so she knows the basics of skating.
 I love these two.  I love Emma's heart.  She is always so quick to put aside what she's doing and help her brother.  God definitely knew what kind of big sis this little guy needed.
 Here she is trying to help him...again.  I think by this point he was beginning to get it.  I love these two with my whole big heart.
Look at that face!  He's so proud.  Skating with Grandma Peggy he did his best skating.  I'll have to remember that the next time they want to go skating.

Our local rink offers homeschool skating on Monday afternoons and while I haven't taken the kids to it, I am thinking I may in a week or two...provided the weather cooperates with us!  I think you all in the Midwest can relate with me!  Ha, this week we have rain and snow in the forecast together.  So funny to me, but so typical of this time of year.

Happy Ice Skating!!!  Is anyone else horrible at skating like I am???