Puddle Jumpers

By nature I am a clean person.  I don't like mud, being wet, or standing out in the cold.

But my children are different than me.

They enjoy mud and puddles and exploring.

Sometimes I need to let go of my inhibitions and just embrace the children's desire to explore and test the waters.

Ha!  Get it?  Waters?  Oh dear, I kill myself with this stuff.


So last week it poured...POURED!  But there was no lightening.  So we headed on out for a walk in the rain  with the dog.

So two excited kids, a jumping black lab, and lots of mud and puddles...yeah! What could be more fun?

 Emma is a puddle jumper!  Can you tell?
 Here's Emma falling in the mud.  I love her sense of adventure and willingness to get dirty.  Really, really dirty.
 Calvin in the same mud puddle is a little more demure.  This is about the extent of his jumping.  He likes to do what Emma does but isn't quite sure sometimes just quite how messy he wants to get.
 Thankfully when Emma joins him he becomes a little more adventurous.  We finally got a jump out off cute mister frog boots.
I love these two.  I love their hearts and their relationship with one another.  I love this stage of their little lives; they find so much joy in the simple things like jumping in mud puddles and taking your dog for a walk in the rain.

They challenge me as a mother and a person every day.  I always hope that they can change me with their joy rather than my personality ever turning them away from that joy.

Now to find some more puddles to jump through...