Back to School After Graduation

Cal graduated last week.  I know, I know I am late in getting the pictures on here.

Check out Mr. Graduation...

Isn't he adorable?  This little man has grown so much in the past two years.  I mean he had JUST started talking when he started preschool.  He's come so far in such a little amount of time!!!  

And I gotta be honest, it was really hard to watch him graduate.  I literally had a really hard time leaving the church he went to preschool at because I kept thinking, I leave here and I no longer am a mom of a preschooler.  All of my kids will be in grade school.  Sad, sad stuff for a Mom.  Baby steps out the door :(  
During the graduation our leading lady was busy taking care of Baby Grace.  Emma is so beautiful.  Love this girl so much!!! 

 Here I am with my little babies.  Who had to be tickled because we couldn't get smiles out of them!
And then I get these faces.

I think in this picture he's saying "what do you mean I have to start Kindergarten next week?"

That's right folks, this kid started homeschool Kindergarten on Monday.  He did great.  We are basically just working on writing and getting improving his reading skills.  Not too hard.  He did pretty great.  I'm hopeful at this point for the rest of the schoolyear.

So that's how we are doing this week back to school.  I am really pushing Emma in 2nd grade.  I want to get done and go to the beach, yo!