Our First Sewing Project

This past week Emma and I made our first project ever on our sewing machine!!!  Excuse all of the exclamation points but I am excited!!!

I followed the tutorial here  on this sweet lady's blog.  So thankful people take the time to explain things in real people terms to those of us who don't sew well...yet.

Poor Emma had to watch most of the time as I figured out what in the world I was doing.  Shamefully TWO years ago I was given a sewing machine from Nick's amazing Aunt.  In those two years we had to research what it was missing, special order those parts, wait for those parts, figure out how to install those parts, figure out it still wasn't working, ask a bajillion people what was wrong with it (I assumed in all actuality that there was nothing wrong with it but rather I just didn't know what I was doing), figure out it really did have something wrong with it, take it in, have it repaired, pick it up, figure out again there was something wrong with it, reask the same bajillion people what was wrong with it, take it in again to be looked at, and have it repaired by some specialist.  Whew!

But alas we have it back and it works...praise be to God!

So we made this dress which I love. I have quite a bit of the fabric left so the next step is to try to make Emma a dress out of the same fabric.

Wish me luck!!!