How Money Making Mom is Helping Me in My Quest for Awesomeness

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to be on a conference call with Crystal Paine.  And it was such a blessing.  

She is the creator of and is a New York Times Bestselling Author.  

Not to mention she wrote Money Making Mom which is being released November 3rd!  (but you can pre-order it now!!!  Go do it!  Click here  to go get it...I'll wait!) I am so blessed to be part of the launch team for the book and having read it I can tell you it is a-to-the-mazing! 

She's like Elvis to me. 

Like Spock to a trekkie.


So I figured I would only have the chance to listen to her but it would be neat so I did it.  And truth be told I almost didn't.  The kids had a harvest party at the exact same time but when I was talking to Nick in the morning he said "I really think you need to take that call."  So I did. Husbands are great for stuff like that. 

During the call, the moderator started reading questions that launch team members had written to ask Crystal; I was shocked when my question was read and then I had the chance to hear her answer it.  Later on in the call I indicated I had a question, never thinking that she would take my question. 

But she did. 

I felt like I was talking to Elvis. Or Alf, which is basically Elvis but cooler.  I'm not sure where I'm getting the hang up on Elvis, but let's just go with it shall we?

I asked her about keeping your self-confidence up and how to keep writing when self-doubt creeps in and you wonder why you should even write and/or you wonder who even cares about what you have to say. 

And the Lord must have known what I needed to hear because it truly felt like He was speaking through her.  She told me, "Lindsay, no one else has your story.  You are the only you.  The world needs to hear your story."  By the way I know what she said because I was frantically writing because I'm a dork like that.  You know it! 

Wow.  It was amazing and I thought she was such a good motivational speaker but as the conversation went on she didn't say "so and so's name, cool words, cool words, cool words" like she did with me.  It was truly heaven sent. 

Because if you've been paying attention it's been a little quiet on my end lately.  The self-doubt has crept in again.  I've been trying to fight it.  I've been trying my best to get the blog off the ground and running and trying to appear all cool when I'm not.  But I feel like I've been failing.  And if you've been around here, loitering for quite a while, then you know this is a broken record from me.  Lindsay writes, Lindsay feels like a fool, Lindsay doesn't write. And repeat. 

Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

But I know this is a new page for me.  A new start.  Why you ask? Well...

I've been reading the Money Making Mom book and it has been simply amazing!  It got my creative juices flowing.  I've been lugging a journal around with me everywhere I go to write lists and hopes and dreams and just in general, to write. I love to write.  I always have.  When I was a little girl I used to BEG the teacher to LET me stay in from recess so I could work on a story I was creating. This book reminded me of that little girl: that I love to write.  It fuels me and makes me feel like maybe I'm not quite as awkward as I think I in real life am.  

The whole basis of the book, Money Making Mom is that all moms possess some star they can hitch their wagon to.  A God given talent that we can groom into something amazing.  I'm guessing (just guessing here) that we're not all going to come out of the gate making six-figure salaries a year but at least we can find something to do that will bring us joy or extra income to bless with or at least bring some grown-ups into our line of conversation before the monotony of cheerio scraping gets all seeped into our brains.  And isn't that what it should be about?  The blessing part, not the oat cereal goo that coagulates on high chair know what I'm talking about. 

I love this quote because it's not an inward, "what can making money do for me and my family?" perspective but rather an outward, God's love pouring out to help others through our talents perspective. That will help keep me pushing on when the walls feel like they are closing in and I lose sight of the talents and passions God has gifted me with. 

I really want to encourage you to go buy this book.  And if you're lazy like me and have dried glue on your sweatpants (I'm not even going to try to be cool today and call them yoga pants.  They're straight up, bought at K-Mart, sweats) from constructing zigurats then you can buy from Amazon.  That's how hipsters buy you know, so see?  You're one step closer to cool. I bet hipsters don't get dried glue on their skinny jeans.  I bet google would know...

And I bet that google knows that I'm back, Jack!  I've got a story to tell!! And it would tell you that Money Making Mom is a really good book.  Like I just did!  

In the meantime I'm working on conquering my fears and this doubt that Satan loves to bait me with.  And I'm working on understanding conference calls.  After multiple texts to my husband on the proper time to call in and how to do it and do I mute and this that and the other I realized that I have truly become a stay at home mom.  When conference calls seem foreign that fact kind of smacks you in the face like a good book.  A good book like "Money Making Mom."  You should go buy it. Work on it.  Amazon it.  Now.:)

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