Coffee is my Thing To-Do Today

I am totally having one of those days when I just don't want to do anything.  ANYTHING!  This morning I sat down and was getting ready for my devotional time when Emma came down SUPER early for her after having a bad dream.  She said she was scared so her and I snuggled into the couch and watched The Nutcracker Christmas that was on Hallmark (super cute by the way!).  I had recorded it for her and I and of course those boys haven't wanted to watch it so it was a perfect time to see it! 

Hallmark's A Nutcracker Christmas

After that though it was time to start our day and I got on my way. 

Well after another cup of coffee.

I then dragged my old, dead body upstairs to the third floor where I told myself I was going to wrap all the things and get all of the stuff done. 

But I just didn't want to, ya know?


So I have spent most of the day doing nothing.

Oh sure, I've folded some laundry here, and wrapped a gift or two there.  I organized some of my school stuff and I even got dinner going early (it's chili.  Chili for dinner.  Sorry to ruin the surprise.).

But I just feel bleh here. 

Oh and speaking of feeling bleh...did anyone else spend WAY more than they were planning on for Christmas? 

Anyone?  Show of hands, people.

I mean, where does the money go?  Did I set it on fire?

It just floors me. 

And these kids!  Emma and Calvin are 10 and 8 respectively and they come to us with these lists that are collectively like $1,000.  I mean, seriously?  What is this horror going to be when they are teenagers?  Yeesh.  We don't get everything on their lists (far from it!) but again with the yeesh!

And on that yeesh can I just tell you that is a-cold.  Terribly cold.  Here in Northern Indiana we get snow off Lake Michigan and dear Michigan, you can keep your snow and cold, we've got enough.

Today the high temperature was...drumroll please...5!

Yep, that's it!  I'm sure with the wind and the non-stop snow that that equates to feeling like -75 or something. Brrr.

And with that brrr it's time for my next infusion of coffee. 

We gotta stay on a schedule around here ya know...gotta be able to say I did SOMETHING today :)

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