Day 1 of No-Spend Challenge with a Lesson from My Toes

Last night we stayed home and toasted the last year away.  It was an amazing year, full of trips, memories, laughs, and adventures. 

I am so blessed by our family. 

Last night we rung in the new year and with it an entire year of not spending. 

As excited as I am I'm also feeling a little scared. 

I mean, how hard is this going to be?  Ahhh! 

I felt like last night I should have been out on the town, driving in a limo throwing money out the sunroof.  Something.  I mean, that was my last shot to waste some moola. 

But we stayed home.  Despite numerous invitations I just wanted to be at home with our kiddos.  My parents even wanted to take the kids and instead we just decided to be home as a little family. 

So today begins a year of this no-spend challenge I've been talking about.  If you are new to this you can read my initial post here and then my post about the basic rules we have set out for ourselves. 

How hard can it be to not spend money when we are staying home?  This should be easy!  A cake walk!  A walk in the park!  Any other kind of walking!

But this morning after I took a shower I was stunned by my toes.  Yeesh!  I NEED a pedicure!  Like, someone call a group and let's have an intervention time. 

What I Learned from toes on our no-spend year long challenge.

But then I remembered the date and it caught me off guard how spoiled I am.  Any other time I probably would have proceeded to get ready, grab my purse, and tell Nick I am going to go get a pedicure. 

But not today my friend. 

Today I found my very own nail polish remover, remover the polish myself.  And currently have naked toes. 

The horror! 

It reminded me of a conversation with my Grandma.  She was telling me about nail polish and when she was a teenager no one had money to own nail polish.  She said once in a blue moon one of her friends would have a bottle (A bottle!) and then the girls would go over and paint their nails with it. 

How cute is that? 

It made me feel a bit well to do with our two giant baskets of nail polish.  And yet those sit while I go out to the salon for a pedicure. 

So here I am in day one of this challenge and I'm already learning so much about what is truly a need and what is a want. 

Obviously a pedicure is a want but it kind of shocked me how my mind instantaneously went to thinking I HAD to have one. 

I hope you all are having a great New Years!  Me and my naked toes are signing off!