Do You Ever Just Blink and a Month's Gone By?

Hello from the underside of my laundry pile.  This past month has been a whirlwind.  Some of the events have included:

My dear uncle passing away and following included helping my Aunt and mom take care of his estate.

My resale that I'm on the committee for (I head up marketing...gotta keep all that marketing knowledge still working, right?) happening so lots of advertising on lots of fronts.

The Resale is also where I sell all of our clothes and toys that we are selling so lots of tagging, cleaning, sorting, trying on, and more tagging.

Homeschooling, homeschooling, homeschooling.

I started babysitting our neighbor's newborn a couple of days a week.  It's not hard and is such a joy but there's definitely been a break in our schedule and trying to figure everything out.

Whew, all of that seems like not every much but trust me it is!  So much so that I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth over here in blog land. 

Oh and I should mention that I also have Bronchitis.  Today is my last day of being contagious hallelujah!  So I've been trying to avoid people. 

Last night Calvin had a sleep test.  If you've never seen a sleep test, you should know there are so many wires and contraptions.  We tried to prepare him.  He was convinced they were going to suck his brains out through the night.  After lots of tears and lots of prayers we finally got our sweet, sweet little boy to sleep.  We're hoping for a successful test so we don't have to do it again and hopefully can get some results as to why this little guy has such a hard time with sleep.

So there is our life.  Last night I slept on a recliner next to Calvin's bed.  It was a long night of no sleep so this morning I am a walking zombie. 

But I'm a walking zombie who at least had the time (and the courage!) to jump back on here to write about life. 

So hey, howdy, hello!  I'll try not to blink anymore lest we lose the rest of March ;)!



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