How to Change Your Life with One Word

Last year was a disaster. 

In terms of our schooling that is.

Not like there was some type of nuclear apocalypse but school did not go so well for us. 

Imagine heads exploding and that is somewhat of a fair representation of what we had going on over here.  Nothing getting done, ever.  No one able to find anything, ever.  Momma being frustrated always.  The kids fighting, always.  It was horrid. 

Over the summer God really spoke to my heart that I need to take this schooling thing seriously.  For real serious, yo.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

So I started bailing things out of my life. 

Usborne parties?  Out!

Resale responsibilities?  Out!

Extra committees?  Out!

And on and on it went. 

It was rough.  It felt like I was taking off all of these things that I used to identify myself and had to leave them in the dressing room. 

I came out of the summer/dressing room as the real me.  It was brutal but we made it. 

And I have to admit that it has felt pretty darn good. 

Yes it was hard but as I have done it saying "no" has become easier.

A few weeks ago I was asked to pick up another commitment. 

I think the old me would have loved it but I just couldn't see myself continuing with it and feeling fulfilled or that I was doing my family any favors and so I politely declined. 

I said no! 

It was freeing really! 

I finally am starting to feel that I am putting myself and my family first and that feels amazing. 

I dare you to start saying no.  I just dare ya! 

But please don't get me wrong, there are some causes and things I would take up in a heartbeat and do. I know that I would love doing them and that those things would be a good fit for our family. 

Just say no! 

It has felt so, sooo good!

What have you said no to recently or wanted to? 

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