October Recap!

October came and went like a blur!  It was crazy!  

As a gentle recap, over the past 365 days I have taken on three new positions, I am now sitting on 2 boards of directors, and still homeschooling away.  It's crazy busy and most days I feel like I have lost my darn mind, but in a good fulfilling way.  And when I remember to lean into God's power and might (which I need to remember to do constantly...) I am reminded how much I can do when I do not rely on my strength but His.  

Anyway, October is my favorite month for the crispness of everything.  Do you know what I mean?  It's so great!  I was thinking of this the other day...it's crazy, weird that NOVEMBER isn't my favorite month since that one holds gratitude, my birthday, Christmas decorating, and shopping, but no, October still holds to be my favorite month.  

IMG_5694 (2).JPG

It started with this crazy brood!  We went to the pumpkin farm, picked the perfect guy, and came home to carve away!  It was so much fun.  I love our little family so much!  

And then blur, blur, blur, blur, blur and before I could fully blink we were to Halloween!  


This year Calvin was ninja (in New Balance Tennis shoes because that's how I roll) and Emma was Nancy Drew.  

Seriously how stinking cute are these two kids of ours?  Oh, and since we fast forwarded to Halloween from the Pumpkin Farm you can see that the majority of my pumpkins are now rotten.  Gross!  Guys, I need legit ways to keep these suckers alive.  Help!  Every year pumpkins fall victim to my pumpkin killing and the massacre just has to end.  Do I need to bleach them?  Talk to them?  Stop singing to them?  (Just asking that last one for a friend...promise!)

Anyway, now's where we talk about the no spend challenge and you wonder what happened to the girl who started out so gung-ho at the beginning of the year and now you haven't heard from about it in a million years.  So, we are still TRYING to do the no spend challenge.  Y'all it is so hard!  So, so hard.  So we'll use the kids' costumes as an example.  Emma totally went with the no spend idea and came up with something brilliant.  We didn't spend a dime on her costume and she kept getting so many compliments.  Calvin on the other hand had one specific thing in his mind...the kid wanted to be a ninja...again.  We tried making one at home for him, talking him through it, but alas, he was insisting on the costume.  So we compromised and we purchased him a less expensive costume than what he wanted.  No kid wants to have a costume that they hate and we didn't know what to do other than compromise.  We spend $20ish dollars on this versus the $75 costumes in previous years.  See?  We're making some progress!  

The pumpkins were another issue with our no-spend year.  I had to decorate my porch. Sorry, not sorry, that's just the case.  So I took a fence panel from my neighbors free pile at their garage sale, dragged out other things I already had but had to have some pumpkins.  Last year I spent over $60 on pumpkins.  You all!  That is crazy!  So this year we found a new place to get pumpkins and for all of them they were $20.  So I spent some but not nearly as much as I was in previous years!  

But back to Halloween...

We don't really "celebrate" Halloween but we trick or treat.  

For those of you just joining us, we live in a National Historic District and we just love it!  

IMG_5778 (2).JPG

From the street lights to the brick paved streets, we love our neighborhood.  Trick or Treating always helps me to take time to pause and reflect on how beautiful our neighborhood is.  The kids trick or treating is like going through a 1950's neighborhood.  All of the historic homes and picket fences make it so cheerful and nice.  

And I have to show you this because it was hilarious...


When there's a construction project why not be silly? 

So there's our recap of October!  I hope you all are enjoying your November! I've missed having time to write...gah!  Hopefully I'll be writing more! 

An Attitude of Gratitude

This attitude of dissent has crept into our home. 

I find myself being a voice of complaint rather than being a light in this world.  And of course, what a Momma does, her kids are quick to pick up and model themselves.  So we're all going downhill with grumpiness, bad attitudes, and just general downward thinking.

But November is the time to reject all of that thinking. 

It is after all the season of gratitude! 

I have been doing the Armor of God Bible study with our church (I plan to write about that in another blog!) and this verse was brought to my attention:

November is the Season of Gratitude.  Find out what I'm thankful for at Super Busy at Home.

You may be like me and have heard this verse a kajillion times.  It's my fall back when I am stressed and taking things back from the cross and worrying about things that I was not even designed to worry about. 

But here's the thing I've learned about this verse.  I'm sharing this with you because it's kind of life changing.  Not only are we to ask God for things, to talk to Him, to tell him what is on our mind and to make those requests known, girl, but we are to do it with Thanksgiving. 

In other words we are not supposed to approach the thrown of God as sniveling, whining children, only complaining about what we don't have and what hasn't gone our way, and what we're scared of.  Don't get me wrong, God wants to hear those things from you. 

But He wants to hear thanksgiving too. 

Thanksgiving.  It's a magical word.  It is something that, when we do it, when we give Thanks, it turns our whole perspective, our whole world, our whole attitude upside down.

Because then I'm not just complaining but I'm also realizing how great I have it in the grand scheme of things. 

Because then I'm not looking so inward as to what I need and what I want but I am looking outwardly to what He has given me. 

And what happens when we come to God with Thanksgiving?

Verse 7 explains that that is when we are blessed with God's peace.  See, God's peace is given to us when we ask Jesus into our hearts.  We have it within us.  But when we're anxious and not going to God and not being thankful, we aren't going to feel that peace, to experience that peace. 

But when we start going to God with our thanksgiving, that's when he pours out His blessing of peace on our lives.  It's a peace that makes no sense to us, we can't even comprehend how we are feeling peace in the midst of chaos and terror and crazy.  But we are.  And we can.  And YOU can. 

I can tell you about this because, it is true!  I know it is true because I have God's peace.  Sure, there are times when I become too like this world and I stress, and I panic, and I freak.  But when I remember to pray and pray and pray and when I pepper those prayers with thanksgiving, that's when his peace is on me like a warm blanket. 

So I really urge you to practice thanksgiving this month. 

Everyday we can count our blessings and marvel at all that God has done for us. 

I am so very blessed.  He made me ME and He gave me this very life to live out in the best way He wants me to do that.  I am feeling very thankful for that on this first day of November. 

So day 1: I am thankful for this very life He gave me.  I don't want anyone else's.  I'm so glad I have mine!

What are YOU Thankful for today? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

November is the Season of Gratitude.  Find out what I'm thankful for at Super Busy at Home.