Zulily has Jelly the Pug on Sale!

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Eek, I couldn't wait to jump on here and let you know the news...

Now through the 19th Jelly the Pug is on Zulily

Jelly the Pug is my absolute fave brand for Emma!  Especially as she is getting older and more vested in what she is wearing each day, Jelly the Pug has really helped to keep the peace between us.  They sweet brands are "sassy" as little Kazoo says and the details like ankle ruffles, knee patches, or bows really help her feel like she is wearing something that is cool and far from boring.

I think that this dress has to be my favorite and it is on sale for only $17.99!  Regularly $48.00 you can see why I love Zulily so much!

I also am in crushing on this dress, the Hot Pink & Teal Love Birds Hannah dress. I love all of the patterns of fabric that they use and they way they mix them together. This dress is $17.99, on sale from $44.00!  So cute and ruffley. 

And if you are looking for a great Easter outfit or for a Spring tea I think this is just darling.  I love outfits for things like Easter egg hunts because they can have fun and they don't have to worry about sitting like a girl or bending over.  My Aunt calls these hippie pants and so does Emma now but we still think they are the cutest!  This is the Peach Sweet Heart Brandy Top and Pants.  This outfit is $19.99 and was originally $48.00.  Hello, you beautiful bargain you! 

So those are some of the Jelly the Pug over on Zulily that I am a bit obsessed with right now.  But hurry because the sizes and styles sell out really quickly :(.  If you are new to Zulily it is a bargain website that has new deals every day.  You have to be a member to shop but it's free to join! You can click here to join today and get to shopping for so many cute things...including Jelly the Pug!

Happy Shopping, sweet friends!

This blog post may contain affiliate links that help offset the cost of running this blog.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.



Jane.com: Betty Necklace $8.99

**Update: This deal is over. Sorry, friends! *

Through Saturday, January 30th, Jane.com is offering This adorable Betty necklace for only $8.99 in 6 different colors!   

What a fun necklace to add to your collection! This necklace features a variety of beading making a unique and fabulous look. It has a great quality and will be one that you with tons of things

It is approximately 19.5" long with a 3" extender.


  • Coral

  • Cream

  • Gray

  • Red

  • Turquoise

  • Yellow

I think I'm going to order the red.  I have quite a few items that would really make the color pop.  Remember these are only available through Saturday and you can check it out HERE.

Source: http://www.shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=325162&m...

Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I do love Christmas so to me Thanksgiving is just that moment before you are waiting for the plane to take off and you just want to get there already! 

However I do things to try to get myself a bit more in the mood.  One of the things that I do is to make lots of food.  That way I am vested in the holiday so I get a little more involved than bringing the canned cranberry sauce.  

Another thing I do is plan our outfits.  That way it is more exciting than just throwing on some clothes and getting out the door.  So today I am talking outfits and hoping you guys can help me plan what I am going to wear. 

First of all, this is the outfit that Emma is wearing.  isn't it fun?  It's fall colors without screaming Thanksgiving.  I let her pick her outfit this year and this is what she chose.  It's from Jelly the Pug.  I LOVE this brand's clothing!  They are sassy like our Emma, super colorful, and soft boutique clothing.  Jelly the Pug is only sold at boutiques or online at boutique stores but every once in a while you can get it on Amazon.  Check out their selection here!   Now if only it were so easy for me to pick an outfit.

Okay, so here is what I am thinking of...this is what I am liking on Pinterest right now...

As you can see I am feeling the black boots with a scarf or something tunic-y on.  Something cozy to gobble turkey in.  By the way if you are feeling my style feel free to check out my Pinterest Style Pinboard.  You know, I'm super trendy over here.  Ha, not quite but I try.  I'm aspiring you might say. 

So I love jane.com.  Have you ever been to their site?  They had amazing deals that designers put on there.  They are only for a limited time though so you have to snatch them up when you can.  I've ordered loads of things from there and have loved everything.  Here are some things that I am liking on jane.com :

Which one do you guys like?  

I'll try to remember to snap a picture of what I wear on the big Turkey Day!  I'd love to know what you all are planning on wearing for the big day too! 

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Put Your Boobs Away

Put Your Boobs Away!

Everyone listen up. This is a special blog as I have been meaning to write it for a long time now. As you all should know, I am a converted modest mom. I admit, I used to dress like, well, like I was trying to find a husband. And I continued dressing in this manner even after Nick and I were married. I remember there came this point where I remember thinking "what is the point?" Nick's friends don't need to see what I have. And lets face it, I have some spectacular breasts. But I keep them under lock and key. And why? Because my body is a gift that God gave to me to share with my husband. I now consider myself a present that only Nick can unwrap, and I've gotta tell you, it makes me feel pretty darn special. I know it also makes him feel special when I ask him if something is unappropriate to wear; it shows him that I respect him enough to not feel that I need to flaunt everything I have around. I don't need to keep others interested because I am not keeping my options open. That is what it tells me when wives dress inappropriately..."yeah I'm married to him...for now." So please ladies, stand up and button up. Show your men you only have eyes for them. And you expect them to only have eyes for you.

This is a subject Nick and I researched together this year. And what I learned is astounding. Men are born with this anane sense of undressing women. Women who are sensably dressed are much easier to divert from than the ones who are showing everything they think they have. I also learned and firmly believe that as Nick's wife, my job is to protect his eyes from this crap. I am not ashamed of telling Nick when something is inappropriate. And I have slowly filtered out friends and people I don't think dress enough to be around my precious husband. I may not talk to you, I may not want you in my house, I may not want you to say my husbands name. Because I expect him to only look at me. Selfish? You bet it is, but more importantly it is responsible of me. Because as big a job as protecting Nick's eyes may be, he has the enormous task of protecting my heart. He makes sure that I am not hurt or offended by anything. When he looks at other women, it hurts my heart, and so the cycle goes.

So ladies if you know me and want to continue to know us because we are so cool, please dress modestly. Don't do it for me, do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it for your husbands. Be your husband's present. Be only for him. And if you aren't willing to do this I suggest you buy him a speedo to wear to work tomorrow because that is basically what you are doing.

Can I get an amen?